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Metacognition is comprised of metacognitive knowledge and strategies which play a
central role in successful self-directed language learning. this research will propose
student portfolios as a mediated tool to assess and develop students' metacognition in
English as a foreign language (EFL) education. The study involves 53 Thai students
of English. Some of them were chosen to participate in a reflective portfolios activity,
an open-ended interview, and a research experiment. The data show how the
portfolios reflect the students' metacognitive beliefs and strategies, though there is
only limited evidence of change in the beliefs and strategies. The results contribute to
the understanding of metacognition development through mediated tool that, for the
full potential of portfolio approach in language learning to be realized, EFL teachers
and language educators need to have a full awareness of the importance of
metacognition and reflective skills training. They also need to provide enough time
and affordance for the learners to develop these skills in the language learning.

Keywords: Metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive strategies, learner autonomy,

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