การออกแบบอุปกรณ์เก็บรักษาตัวอย่างอากาศในสภาวะที่มีออกซิเจนน้อยมากและศึกษาการจำแนกชนิดสารประกอบกำมะถันของ PM10 ในชั้นบรรยากาศโดยใช้เทคนิค FL-XANES

รศ. ดร. ศิวัช พงษ์เพียจันทร์

This paper focuses on providing some innovative perspectives related to the factors
affecting the sulfur K-edge XANES spectrum of aerosol samples. Anoxic Preservation
Stainless Cylinder (APSC) and Pressure Controlled Glove Box (PCGB) were specially
designed for investigating the anoxic preservation effect on variations of sulfur
oxidation states in PM10. Further investigation on sulfur K-edge XANES spectra
revealed that PM10 samples were predominantly dominated by S(VI) even though
preserved in anoxic conditions. The “emission source” effect on sulfur oxidation state of
PM10 was examined by comparing sulfur K-edge XANES spectrum collected from
various emission sources in Songkla Province, southern part of Thailand. Additional
attempt was conducted on an investigation of “vertical distribution” effects on sulfur
oxidation state of PM10 collected from three different heights at the highest buildings of
three major cities in Thailand. The analytical results have demonstrated that neither
“emission sources” nor “vertical distribution” effects appreciably contribute to the
variations of sulfur K-edge XANES spectrum in PM10.
Keywords: sulfur K-edge XANES spectrum, aerosols, PM10, vertical distributions,
anoxic conditions


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