The Research Center was established in 1966 when National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) was founded.  Its goal is to promote and conduct social science research of national development, as research is considered one of the important missions of any academic institute in order to build a new body of knowledge and to put theories into practice, which will benefit teaching and learning and serve as information for national, social and economic development.
           Operation with focus on quality, efficiency, effectiveness, with adherence to morals and research ethics, in order to maintain the research leadership through continuous self-development.

            “Towards the excellence in research and dissemination of research at the national and regional levels”
             Research Center has defined six major tasks as follows:  
             1.  Produce research work in the field of development administration.       
             2.  Coordinate, promote, and support research work both within and outside NIDA.
             3.  Provide academic services, disseminate information and news on research work, and other related academic work.
             4.  Prepare NIDA’s academic journals, promote, and support journals within NIDA.
             5.  Act as Secretariat Office of NIDA’s Research Promotion Committee.
             6. Perform task according to the policy on research work as assigned.
             Research Center promotes and supports faculty members and scholars to conduct and disseminate research in view of application.
             1. Promotes the Institute’s faculty members and scholars to conduct various kinds of research, whether basic or applied, through the Institute’s Research Funds, fiscal budget and assistance from external sources to develop research as the Institute’s important mission.
             2. Promotes research for the benefit of policy making and application for the benefit of social and economic development, with the Institute taking part in providing guideline, problem solution, and measures to develop the community and the country at various levels.
             3. Promotes research in the form of the Institute’s projects, allowing staff from the various faculties or centers to work together.
             4. Promotes academic services for internal and external staff.
             5. Develops the efficiency of RC’s management, human resource development, and application of information technology for work.

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